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Gun Neutral is a non-partisan initiative open to all storytellers, producers and financiers, calling for greater social responsibility to offset and account for gun violence in entertainment.

Gun Neutral honors the 73rd Tony Awards for its inclusion of survivors and their advocates on the June 9 broadcast. 

Giving recognition and visibility to the following people during the performance by the company of Broadway’s OKLAHOMA!  illustrates bold and responsible leadership:

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Name:  Shaman Ananda Kirkland
Org:      Maine Gun Safety Coalition

"Escaping poverty, I operated a business, managed a winning campaign and became nationally involved in gun safety activism. Fulfilling a last promise to my father, I work with amazing groups like PeaceJam and Gun Neutral to spread hope, love and change. With you my fellow Americans, I'm overjoyed to bring peace, love and unity to the world's people."

Name:  Jessica Asch
Org:       Shine MSD

Jessica is a creative arts therapist and the lead therapist of Camp Shine. Camp Shine is the arts therapy program created by SHINE Marjory Stoneman Douglas students Sawyer Garrity and Andrea Pena designed to give the Parkland community, and beyond, an opportunity to process and express their feelings around gun violence. Jessica is passionate about fostering creative space for people who have experienced trauma.

Name:  Erica Ford
Org:       NYC Crisis Management System

"I have been working on the front line of violence prevention for over 30yrs helped architect the NYC Crisis Management System, Peace Week in New York City & The Orange 4 Peace campaign to bring attention and awareness to the work around violence prevention around the nation. The Crisis Management system is one of the major reasons  for NY being the safest big city in America two years in a row."

Name:  Robert Robbie Nova Smith
Org:       LIFE Camp, Inc.

Robbie works with life camp and several local/ national organizations put their pain on beats. Giving them the tools to express their hurt  in song or rap to avoid incidents of violence on their self or others. He has personally witnessed and lost so many friends to Senseless violence he knows that he must continue to use his gift to shift mindset.

Name:  Robert AU Hogan
Org:       LIFE Camp, Inc.

AU called by all is mostly known as the "Chief Of Streets" intervening in incidents between police & community. He successfully helps young people avoid attacks of brutality as well as keeps peace and builds community relations. He leads the Violence Interrupters & VIP Specialist in resolving conflicts that can lead to lost of life or injury.

Name:  Sandy and Lonnie Phillips
Org:       Survivors Empowered

"Our 24 yr old daughter was slaughtered in the Aurora Theater Massacre (Batman movie) on July 20, 2012. Since then we have responded to 11 mass shootings to help survivors begin to understand their traumatic experience and begin to redefine their lives."

Name:  Brooke Baker
Org:       Youth Over Guns

Brooke is an ever-changing arriviste merging fashion, education, and marketing to foster equity and inclusion. The Howard University graduate has advanced the movement to end gun violence, promote body positivity, racial and social justice through her powerful fashion designs, communications management, animation and different mediums of artistic expression.

Name:  Andrea Alejandra Gonzales
Org:       Youth Over Guns

Andrea is an 18-year-old Indigenous-Latina Queer activist and an advocate for marginalized youth. She has been mobilizing young people since she was 15 years old. She does work around gun violence prevention and educational justice at the intersection of race, gender, and class. She is currently the Director of Operations at Youth Over Guns.

Name:  Trevon Bosley 
Org:       B.R.A.V.E. Youth Leaders

"I have been fighting for peace in Chicago since the murder of my brother Terrell Bosley April 4th 2006.  Through The B.R.A.V.E. youth leaders I have led rallies and protests, mentored and tutored youth, done voter registration campaigns, and etc. My number one goal in life is to save lives."

Name:  John Barnitt 
Org:       March For Our Lives

John Barnitt attended MSD High School in Parkland, FL. After 17 of his classmates/teachers lives were unjustly lost, John gathered with fellow students to organize the March for Our Lives. He moved on to become one of the lead organizers for the Road to Change and is currently working on projects to increase awareness for gun violence and campaigns to get students involved in the political arena.

Name:  Matt Deitsch
Org:       March For Our Lives

"An alumni of Parkland, I co-founded the March For Our Lives protest. Operating as the chief strategist, I spearheaded the record-breaking 2018 electoral strategy. My younger sister and brother lost friends in the shooting. I was just getting to know Joaquin when he was killed. We were working on an art/activist project together and now he's helping me save lives every single day."

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