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Gun Neutral is a new initiative exploring ways entertainment companies, individual productions and storytellers can help solve the gun violence crisis in our country. The entertainment industry has the power to use their considerable influence to come together to slow the spread of gun violence and save lives, regardless of politics.

Gun Neutral supports the storyteller’s need to be truthful and authentic in their artistic work, while establishing a Gun Neutral Designation for individual productions and for companies willing to make a systemic commitment, dedicating production funds for three areas of focus: 

  • buybacks/destruction of illegal firearms;

  • investment in youth arts, STEM and civics programs, especially in communities disproportionately impacted by gun violence; and

  • research so professional storytellers can better understand the options and consequences of their creative choices.


Today, I pledge to stand with those producers, financiers, agents, talent and filmmakers who have boldly answered the call, and are demanding that the entertainment industry unites to embrace Gun Neutral as the new standard. In furtherance of my pledge, I will lend my voice on social-media outlets as a show of support for the #GunNeutral initiative. Together, we can have a real impact and improve the lives of millions. 

For more information please contact:

Brent Zachery, Gun Neutral Program Manager

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